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Ukrainian is used mainly by the inhabitants of Ukraine and belongs to the East Slavonic language group. His modern alphabet uses a modified Cyrillic alphabet. An interesting fact about Ukraine is the fact that in this country the law does not provide for any restrictions on the issue of naming children, hence you can meet people with names such as: Kosmos, Server, Atlantis and even Madaga.

We perform translations ordinary and certified (sworn) from Polish into Ukrainian and from Ukrainian into Polish . We will be happy to help you prepare a translation into Ukrainian or we can accompany you in a business, official, judicial or other meeting.

We have been working with reliable translators for years, who are characterized by great knowledge and experience. Their involvement allows us to offer the highest quality translations and deliver them always on time. Many of them belong to organizations associating translators, for example to the Supreme Technical Organization (NOT) or the Polish Society of Sworn and Specialized Translators (TEPIS).

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We have already trusted hundreds of satisfied customers, and their number is constantly growing. In the case of permanent cooperation, we offer attractive discounts and convenient payment terms. We are flexible and open to any suggestions from customers.

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Translations cover texts from the following fields: medicine, law, technology, construction, economics, marketing, advertising, literature and many others. It is only a part of our activity, we are happy to undertake every challenge – even the most difficult one.

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