Companies that Delivered Spectacular Returns in 10 Years


Investing in shares that have achieved at least a 1000% return in 10 years is somewhat of an investment Holy Grail. Such a result has only been achieved by 2.7% of companies from sixteen indexes of developed markets globally. In Poland, from the WIG20 index, only one company – Dino Polska, achieved this rate of return.

Our analysis shows that situations where a company manages to gain 1000% in 10 years are very rare. Interestingly, it is not the USA, where we find the most rapidly growing technology companies, but Australia that has the highest percentage of such companies. Following Australia are Sweden, then Germany, and the USA is only in 4th place. The example of the Korean chemical company Kumyang, and the Japanese semiconductor manufacturer Lasertec – which in terms of share price growth performed better than American AI giants, shows that globally we can find many interesting investment opportunities.

Dino Polska SA is the only company in the WIG20 index that has increased its share price tenfold. The company achieved a return rate of 1119% – however, this was not over the course of 10 years, but in just 5.5 years from the company’s debut in April 2017. We can therefore say that Poland does not deviate from the global average in this respect. In Poland, such companies are 2.5% of the index, whereas globally the average is 2.7%.

In the USA, twenty-three companies from the current S&P500 index roster have noted at least a tenfold increase in price over the last decade, representing 4.6% of the index. The top five in terms of growth are NVIDIA (the share price has increased 118 times over 10 years), AMD (32 times), Tesla (27 times), Broadcom (20 times), and Cadence Design (20 times). Technology companies, comprising 65%, dominate the list followed by healthcare (MOH, LLY, DXCM), transport (ODFL, CPRT), finance (MSCI, FICO), and renewable energy (ENPH) sectors.

However, in our ranking, Australia leads with 8.9% of companies achieving such spectacular results. This is almost twice as many as in the case of other markets. At the forefront are shares of lithium mining companies – Pilbara (320 times) and Liontown (135 times), with mining companies making up 65% of the list. Next is Sweden, led by the technology company Fortknox (60 times) and the defence company Invisio (39 times). Then comes Germany with biofuel producer Verbio (19 times) and Nemetschek (18 times), provider of software for the construction industry.

On the opposite end are Italy, which does not have any companies with such rapid growth. Britain and France have two such companies each – Games Workshop (14 times) and JD Sport (10 times) in the UK, and Sartorius Biotech (9 times) and Esker (10 times) in France.

Paweł Majtkowski, analyst at eToro in Poland.