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The online services market in Poland is growing at a dizzying pace

Over the past few decades, we have seen a transformation in the way we shop and utilize services. Traditional commerce, based on physical points...

Cross-border sales during Black Week

Cross-border trade provides an opportunity for much higher sales during Black Week, experts suggest. Where were Polish stores selling the most? Which categories were...
shopping mall

Shopping malls on sale in Poland

Shopping malls can now be bought at a low price as several funds are exiting Poland, closing their investment positions. "What is the best way...

Supermarkets at War with Discount Stores. Price Rollercoaster Gaining Momentum in Stores.

Prices in stores are not increasing everywhere at the same rate. Interestingly, the slowest rise is happening in hypermarkets, where the year-on-year average increase...

KSeF, e-Paragony and Omnicommerce – What Retail Is Investing In

As many as 70% of companies in the retail industry declare that their IT development expenditures in the coming year will not decrease. In...
retail park

Retail parks are going for it

This year’s increase in supply and the value of transactions in the retail sector in Poland have a chance to exceed last year's levels. Despite...
Bartłomiej Zagrodnik, Managing Partner at Walter Herz

Retail is going local

Retail parks are growing in smaller towns, mixed-use facilities and new residential estates provide commercial space in large cities. Although shopping malls are busy again...
Michał Stępień Savills

Retail investing across Europe is set to get competitive in 2022, says Savills

Following years of turmoil in retail, 2022 will bring rental growth and increased investment capital to the sector across Europe, according to Savills. The...
dron shopping

The battle for commerce with express deliveries

Several companies on our market are already developing their dark store networks, which allow for the delivery of food products within a dozen or...
Katarzyna Kamińska-Nobis, Associate Director, Retail Agency, Colliers in Poland

The growth in importance of small shopping centres and retail parks in CEE-16 has...

Discount retailers predicted to find Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) market very attractive as evidence shows shoppers have favoured the ‘value for money’ approach...
Jędrak Dominika Colliers

The condition of retail markets in the CEE region in times of pandemic

The 172 million strong consumer market of the CEE-17 region should continue to deliver better growth rates and returns than more developed markets in...

Covid-19 to accelerate European ecommerce growth by one year

According to Savills, the impact of the pandemic is set to accelerate online retail penetration by an average of one year and, in turn,...
shopping mall

A successful return for retail parks

According to data from the Polish Council of Shopping Centers, footfall in shopping malls range from 62 to 73% when compared to last year’s...
Agnieszka Winkler, Associate Director, Retail Advisory Services, Colliers International

Behavioral analysis as a basis for effective shopping mall strategy

Nowadays it is no longer enough to know who forms our client base - creating profiles based solely on the needs, expectations or values...
Dawid Samoń, Analyst, Research, Savills Poland

Nearshoring as a consequence of Covid-19

The disruption associated with Covid-19 has challenged the resilience of manufacturing supply chains across the globe and is set to accelerate a trend towards...
food court

The condition of the gastronomy sector in Polish shopping centres

Shopping centres, which are an integral part of Polish people’s lifestyle, are evolving with demographic, cultural and economic changes. In the past five years,...
Katarzyna Michnikowska, Associate Director, Research and Consultancy Services, Colliers International

Retail market in agglomerations in the first half-year

The shopping centre market in the largest Polish agglomerations is mature and well developed. Approximately 10 million consumers with an annual purchasing power of...
Katarzyna Michnikowska, Associate Director, Research and Consultancy Services, Colliers International

Shopping centres dominate the retail industry in Central & Eastern Europe

Fast recent-cycle GDP growth, low unemployment and wage hikes  add up to booming conditions for fashion in CEE says Colliers International in its recent...
złote tarasy warszawa

European Shopping Centre Market Reaches Maturity as Growth in New Space Slows

1.0 million square metres of new shopping centre space was delivered in H1 2018, a 10% decline on H1 2017. Europe overall sees...
Maciej Chmielewski, Senior Partner and Director of Industrial and Logistics Agency at Colliers International

Will ecommerce kill off retail in the CEE region?

According to Colliers International latest Logistics&Retail research report “Survival of the fittest”, the answer to the above question is no. There is room for...

Polish companies becoming increasingly aware of cyber threats associated with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used both for cyberattacks and for defending against them. According to a study by EY - "How Polish Companies...
Anna Głowacz, Head of Industrial Agency, AXI IMMO

Polish industrial market 2023 overview and outlook for 2024

Poland's industrial sector slowed in 2023, but the market hopes to rebound in 2024. After the peak of take-up and supply in the so-called...
offices photo by Walter Herz office buildings

The office market is adapting to the new reality

Demand for offices remains high, but there is the least amount of space under construction in over a dozen years. The office real estate...