Mateusz Juroszek Steps Down as CEO of STS S.A., Radim Haluza to Take Over


Changes in the Management Board and Supervisory Board of STS S.A., the market leader in sports betting in Poland and one of the largest operators in Central Europe, are planned from January 1, 2024. Mateusz Juroszek will assume the role of Chairman of the Supervisory Board, continuing to care for the strategic development of the company. The new CEO will be Radim Haluza, who will also remain the CEO of Entain CEE – the new owner of STS Group, a vehicle listed on the London Stock Exchange of Entain Group, EMMA Capital, an investment company from the Czech Republic and the Juroszek Family.

“The changes in the management of STS S.A. are aimed at organizing the structure and operations within the company and Entain CEE. I will continue to be actively involved in the development of the largest Polish bookmaker – nothing changes in this regard. My primary task is currently concentration on strategic goals and oversight of their realization at both STS and Entain CEE levels. Operational management will be the task of Radim Haluza. Our priority is further growth in Poland – where the mutual betting market is growing dynamically – and taking advantage of opportunities for development throughout the region as part of the Entain CEE venture,” says Mateusz Juroszek.

Entain CEE is an undertaking of the London-listed Entain Group, EMMA Capital, and the Juroszek Family. Entain CEE was established in 2022 to generate growth in the betting and gaming sector in the Central and Eastern European region by partnering with local market leaders. Its goal is further development by allowing Entain to merge with leading operators from the region. In 2022, Entain CEE took over the Croatian operator SuperSport, a national leader with over 50% share in the local market. In 2023, Entain CEE became the owner of STS as a result of a call for STS Holding shares. The Juroszek family earmarked some of the capital raised from the sale of nearly 70% of STS Holding shares for reinvestment in Entain CEE, taking a 10% stake in it.

The remaining composition of the Management Board, managerial structure, and development plans on the Polish market remain unchanged. STS as part of the Entain Group benefits from knowledge, solutions, technology, access to capital within a broad and international capital group.

Mateusz Juroszek remains on the STS team as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and is also a member of the Entain CEE Board of Directors. Mateusz Juroszek has been the CEO of STS since 2012 and has played a key role in the development of STS over the past decade. Mateusz Juroszek has extensive knowledge about the industry and the Polish gaming market. The Entain Group was pleased to hear that he will still serve in the company, helping with further regional development and implementing the Entain CEE strategy.

Radim Haluza is currently the CEO of Entain CEE and SuperSport – the largest sports betting and online casino operator in Croatia. He is an experienced manager with many years of experience in leading iGaming companies. From January 1, 2024, he will be the CEO of STS S.A.