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Polish Entrepreneurs Seek Return to Partnership Cooperation with Government

Allowing taxpayers to make agreements with the tax office, binding deadlines for officials in the Code of Administrative Procedure, a separate government department for...

Polish companies increasingly exposed to price changes, economic slowdown, and cyber attacks

According to a study by Aon Polska entitled "Global Risk Management Survey 2023," up to 2/3 of Polish companies have incurred losses due to...

Polish Startups Show Resilience Amidst Global Funding Constraints

According to the latest report "Polish Startups" issued by the Startup Poland foundation, the current revenue situation of startups is better than a year...

Polish and Ukrainian companies join forces to solve the transport crisis

The transportation crisis at the Ukrainian-Polish border is causing losses for many companies. Polish and Ukrainian businesses are creating a platform for dialogue to...

Almost one third of European financial directors are testing solutions related to generative AI

Despite the growing popularity of generative artificial intelligence, it turns out it is not widely used among CFOs. Currently, 12 percent of European companies...
Katarzyna Dębkowska

Entrepreneurs over 50 in Poland: A Growing Driving Force of the Economy

Last year, individuals over the age of 50 established about 35,000 sole proprietorships in Poland, accounting for approximately 12% of all new businesses, according...
Barbara Kamińska, Director of Risk Assessment at Coface in Poland

Polish corporate insolvencies decelerate in Q3 2023, but uncertainty remains

The highly unfavorable economic situation in recent years has resulted in the bankruptcy of 3,640 companies, marking an 89% increase compared to the same...

Polish companies see a gloomy outlook for 2023

We present the views of experts who manage the finances of key Polish companies, based on a survey conducted this year by Allianz Trade...

Outsourcing on the Rise as Businesses Seek to Adapt to Changing Tax Landscape

The globalization of regulations, frequent changes in the law, and the growing digitalization of settlements are prompting businesses to reorganize their tax functions and...

Integrated Cybersecurity and ESG: Essential for Business Resilience

The digital transformation and cutting-edge technologies focusing on decarbonization, carbon dioxide reduction, and a circular economy can introduce new cyber threats and patterns of...

The Office of the Future: Hybrid and Hot-Desking

The transformation of workplace styles in recent years has demonstrated that designing effective workspaces requires a balance between efficiency and comfort. The future of...

Every third leader recognizes organizational resilience to crises as a matter of strategic importance

The economic disruptions of recent years have demonstrated how important organizational resilience is for ensuring the continuity of business operations during a crisis. Companies...

Polish Companies Increasing Foreign Investments

The majority of Polish investments are located in Europe, but the United States, India, and the Middle East are becoming increasingly popular. According to...

Poles Skeptical of Sustainable Development Initiatives

A study conducted by the research agency IRCenter shows that Poles are skeptical of sustainable development initiatives, with an average of one in three...

Sole Proprietors: The Most Indebted Businesses in Poland

Up to two-thirds of indebted companies listed in the National Debt Register are sole proprietors. They owe creditors PLN 4.92 billion, PLN 442 million...
Sławomir Grzelczak, President of BIG InfoMonitor

Business arrears to contractors and banks exceeded PLN 42.5 billion

Although the number of companies complaining about unreliable business partners slightly decreased in the third quarter, business arrears have significantly increased, according to data...

Poland is the second most preferred location for Shared Services Centers worldwide

Shared Service Centres ("SSC") and Global Business Services ("GBS") are becoming increasingly flexible, digital, and cost-effective, according to a report by consulting firm Deloitte...

Digi Index 2023: Polish Manufacturing Companies Digitizing Despite Economic Challenges

Last year, there was a significant acceleration of digitization in Polish manufacturing companies. However, the current challenging economic environment is hampering firms' plans and...
shopping mall

Shopping malls on sale in Poland

Shopping malls can now be bought at a low price as several funds are exiting Poland, closing their investment positions. "What is the best way...

60% of companies in Poland believe labor costs are too high

The hourly labour costs in Poland increased by 10.8% in 2023, significantly exceeding the European average (5.0% for the eurozone, 5.3% for the entire...

Polish companies becoming increasingly aware of cyber threats associated with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used both for cyberattacks and for defending against them. According to a study by EY - "How Polish Companies...
Anna Głowacz, Head of Industrial Agency, AXI IMMO

Polish industrial market 2023 overview and outlook for 2024

Poland's industrial sector slowed in 2023, but the market hopes to rebound in 2024. After the peak of take-up and supply in the so-called...
offices photo by Walter Herz office buildings

The office market is adapting to the new reality

Demand for offices remains high, but there is the least amount of space under construction in over a dozen years. The office real estate...