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Monday, June 17, 2024
Sabowicz Marcin

European gaming primed for revenue growth of 8% per annum over next five years

According to Savills latest research, the European gaming sector is primed for revenue growth of 8% per annum over the next five years, driven...
Michał Sikora, Land, Technical and Special Economic Zone Consultant, Industrial and Logistics Agency, Cushman & Wakefield

Michał Sikora: Will new regulations revolutionise special economic zone (SEZ) legislation?

Will new regulations revolutionise special economic zone (SEZ) legislation? Proposed changes seem very interesting, but will they be implemented without slowing the rapid growth...
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Shopping Centre 4.0 is coming

A shopping centre has long ago ceased to be a place where we go merely to do our shopping. Due to the extensive range...

Covid-19 to accelerate European ecommerce growth by one year

According to Savills, the impact of the pandemic is set to accelerate online retail penetration by an average of one year and, in turn,...

Polish companies: competitive and growing, but facing a labor shortage

Domestic companies are becoming increasingly competitive on the global market, thanks in part to their family-oriented nature, and the commitment and high competence of...

The mood of Polish entrepreneurs continues to deteriorate

According to the Central Statistical Office (GUS), the unemployment rate in Poland remained stable at 5% in September, as expected. At the same time,...

There is no turning back from sustainable development. Over 90% of companies expect this...

Sustainable development is no longer considered a mere addition or a nice-sounding slogan but a “must-have” across virtually every industry. Over half of manufacturing...

Poles Skeptical of Sustainable Development Initiatives

A study conducted by the research agency IRCenter shows that Poles are skeptical of sustainable development initiatives, with an average of one in three...
Bolesław Kołodziejczyk, PhD, Senior Consultant, Consulting & Research, Cushman & Wakefield Poland

Outsourcing Sector to Grow by 6% Annually for Next Six Years

Sector set to expand despite increased competition from robotics Repatriation of call centres and shared service centres unlikely to happen soon Poland on...
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Leading the Way: How CEOs Can Benefit from Portugal’s Golden Visa

Portugal's Golden Visa program has emerged as a strategic tool for CEOs looking to expand their business operations and explore new investment opportunities.  This unique...
Przemysław Błaszkiewicz, Senior Associate, Office Agency, Colliers in Poland

Office-based European corporations saw no meaningful cost savings despite homeworking

Costs predominantly the same for office operations, despite the majority of workforce being home-based during the pandemic. Despite almost all European office employees working from...
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The Big Five of Polish Outsourcing

Business services sector is growing the fastest in Warsaw, Cracow, Tri-City, Wroclaw and Katowice Nine largest agglomerations in our country provide investors from business services...
sztuczna inteligencja 1

Artificial Intelligence used in business – interview with Daniel Hulme

Daniel Hulme (PhD) is a leading expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies, and is the CEO of Satalia. Satalia is an award-winning...
Finnish and Polish ICT Companies to Cooperate

Finnish and Polish ICT Companies to Cooperate in the European ICT Alliance

The region of Southwest Finland and two key regions in Poland - Wrocław and Gdańsk - are ramping up their cooperation in the development...

Polish Companies Increasing Foreign Investments

The majority of Polish investments are located in Europe, but the United States, India, and the Middle East are becoming increasingly popular. According to...

Polish and Ukrainian companies join forces to solve the transport crisis

The transportation crisis at the Ukrainian-Polish border is causing losses for many companies. Polish and Ukrainian businesses are creating a platform for dialogue to...

The Office of the Future: Hybrid and Hot-Desking

The transformation of workplace styles in recent years has demonstrated that designing effective workspaces requires a balance between efficiency and comfort. The future of...
Dawid Samoń, Analyst, Research, Savills Poland

Nearshoring as a consequence of Covid-19

The disruption associated with Covid-19 has challenged the resilience of manufacturing supply chains across the globe and is set to accelerate a trend towards...

Securitization of trade receivables in Europe and Poland: stable growth and prospects

The European market for trade receivables securitization is experiencing steady growth, and current macroeconomic conditions, particularly persistently high-interest rates, should promote its further development,...
Krzysztof Misiak, Partner, Head of Regional Cities, Cushman & Wakefield

Development of the BSS sector in Poland drives the growth of office space regional...

The international consulting company Cushman & Wakefield has synopsized the first six months of the year on regional office space markets in its report...

Polish companies becoming increasingly aware of cyber threats associated with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used both for cyberattacks and for defending against them. According to a study by EY - "How Polish Companies...
Anna Głowacz, Head of Industrial Agency, AXI IMMO

Polish industrial market 2023 overview and outlook for 2024

Poland's industrial sector slowed in 2023, but the market hopes to rebound in 2024. After the peak of take-up and supply in the so-called...
Janusz Gutowski, Managing Partner, AXI IMMO Services

Data center market: No energy, no data

The Warsaw region is currently the largest data centre market in Poland. The capital is home to more than 50 server facilities and a...