Mennica Skarbowa launches a new e-commerce store


The Mint of Poland is launching a new, more functional online store. The revamped graphic appearance, improved structure and easier access will help customers acquire information about gold and silver, and enable smoother transactions. The changes implemented are the result of analysis of customers’ behaviors, habits and language. Currently, online precious metal sales account for over 20% of the Mint’s turnover. The company hopes that the new version of the e-commerce store will result in increased online sales of gold and silver. Especially, as the Mint of Poland offers the largest range of products in the Polish market with a 24-hour delivery term. The new online store is promoted by the brand ambassador, international football referee, Szymon Marciniak.

In line with the growing interest in online shopping, the Mint of Poland is launching a new e-commerce store. From now on, customers will be able to purchase gold and silver bullion coins and bars in a more user-friendly way without leaving home. Products offered by the company on the new sales page still come from reputable mints and refineries from around the world, members of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Beginner investors will also find detailed information about the products and answers to their questions on the page.

“We hope that the new online store will allow us to reach a wider audience and facilitate shopping for customers who can decide on the right investment product at home without having to visit a physical branch. The site is simple, clear, and intuitive, tailored to the needs of users. The language of the website has been simplified to resemble that used by the customer during direct contact. The new e-commerce store structure allows for quick familiarization with a rich and diverse offer of silver and gold products. The new Mint of Poland sales store is based on a new engine, offering a number of extensions and functionalities. The e-commerce site is user-friendly, both for those using laptops and tablets and smartphones. On the newly launched e-commerce site, customers will find even more products, including those shipped to recipients within 24 hours. Currently, online sales of bullion account for 20-22% of the total sales of the Mint of Poland, but we hope that will change significantly soon,” informs Adam Stroniawski, Sales Director of the Mint of Poland.

There has been significant development in e-commerce in recent years worldwide. COVID-19 certainly accelerated these processes—according to estimates by Strategy& Poland, between 2021 and 2027, the value of the e-commerce market in Poland will increase by PLN 94 billion. They estimate that by 2027, marketplace platforms will account for 60% of online sales, up from 45% in 2021. This trend illustrates how popular online stores have become and why the Mint of Poland is hoping that the new version of the e-commerce store will align with current trends and contribute to increased online sales of gold and silver.

Interest in gold in Poland is steadily increasing, including online purchases. Last year, Poles bought a record 19 tons of gold, placing Poland among the top 5 countries in Europe. Although these are very optimistic data, a survey conducted by ARC Rynek i Opinia on behalf of the Mint of Poland shows that only 14% of Poles have appreciated the investment potential of gold by buying any investment bullion. This indicates a significant potential market growth that has not yet been fully exploited. Our estimates show that Poles are increasingly willing to buy investment gold and silver online, especially in small weights, and within the range of about PLN 400 to several thousand. These are orders that can be made somewhat anonymously, as only in the case of orders above 10,000 EUR, customers are required to pick up the order in person at the Mint’s branch and show identification.