The European Blue Deal (Blue Order) is a chance for Poland


The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) continues working under the slogan “Call for Blue Deal”. The Blue Deal is intended to be the water equivalent of the Green Deal. The EESC has recognized the need to support actions related to improving access to clean water and sustainable water resource management. In mid-July, at a plenary session, the EESC adopted initial opinions on the Blue Deal – covering access to water, sustainable and resilient water infrastructure, distribution networks, the Blue Deal economy, water-saving technologies, sustainable water management, closed-loop solutions, and efficient water consumption. There is a strong emphasis on the efficient use of water in various sectors of the economy, as well as financing issues.

“There is a great agreement and understanding that Poland should lead this topic, which is the Blue Deal. The policy of sustainable development and the use of water resources fits perfectly into the main stream of the European Union, i.e., the Green Deal – which is the most important task of today’s Union,” said Magdalena Adamowicz, Member of the European Parliament, to “As we know, water resources are not unlimited. There are also problems with the use of sewage, rainwater retention. So, we have a lot to do here. And basically, there is no country yet that stands out as a leader in this area. And we in Poland have excellent universities, great engineers and hydrologists, responsible businesses, and financing. So, we can create a wonderful consortium to take on the challenges of the Blue Deal. This is a topic important for the entire society, because everyone uses water,” Adamowicz points out.