Financial Technology at Lazarski University: Cryptocurrencies, AI, Blockchain


Technology is constantly evolving, creating new professions and earnings opportunities. Continual learning and knowledge updating is required to keep up. However, tertiary education institutions are not always able to keep pace. One of the most talked-about topics in recent years is fintech, particularly cryptocurrencies and the use of artificial intelligence (AI). But why should studying this be interesting to students?

Technical innovations and the prospect of good jobs

Given technological advancement, students are becoming increasingly interested in fields that align with the latest trends. Studying cryptocurrencies and AI is the perfect choice for those wishing to lead in developing innovative solutions. This kind of education allows not only gaining knowledge in the field of new technologies, but also the opportunity for a career in a constantly developing industry with huge potential.

Cryptocurrency investing as a new prospect

Students with some savings are considering investing, but traditional assets, like real estate, do not always meet the expectations of the younger generation. More and more young people are becoming interested in crypto-asset investments, including cryptocurrencies, because they offer the chance for large returns in a short time. But with this comes risk, which to mitigate, requires solid knowledge and understanding of the market. Studying blockchain and AI provides the perfect opportunity to learn advanced investment strategies.

“Lazarski University stands out among other educational institutions in terms of teaching about fintech. We are the third university in Europe which established a Blockchain Technology Center, and the first in Poland to introduce subjects related to cryptocurrencies,” says Prof. Krzysztof Piech, Lazarski University, Director of the Blockchain Technology Center. “Students studying about AI, blockchain and cryptocurrencies gain practical knowledge taught strictly by industry professionals. Thanks to collaboration with companies and startups, students participate in industry conferences, and receive internships and job offers even before graduation”

Career prospects for graduates

Graduates of the finance technology course have great career prospects. Many of them find employment in international startups, others set up their own businesses providing competition for the biggest industry players. Furthermore, some graduates find employment in large financial institutions where their specialist knowledge of modern technology is highly valued.

“One of the major successes reflecting the quality of education at Lazarski University is the story of Igor Haleta. He is currently the president of one of the largest Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchanges and for many years, worked as an advisor to cryptocurrency start-ups while travelling through exotic countries in the field of crypto-assets. He began this adventure thanks to my lessons,” adds Krzysztof Piech.

Studying finance technology at Lazarski University not only provides a chance to gain specialist knowledge, but also the opportunity to enter the job market in one of the most innovative and promising industries in the world.