Gaming Factory: New Strategy and Development Plans


As part of updating its publishing strategy, Gaming Factory, a publicly listed game developer and publisher, has adopted a plan for implementing actions to support its strategic goals. The company plans to focus on its biggest titles and increase the involvement of key staff and collaborators through the establishment of a motivational program. The ultimate goal for Gaming Factory is to act as an independent publisher for its biggest game, Japanese Drift Master, examining the possibilities of acquiring additional financial resources. These additional funds would allow for a quicker transition of JDM to the new Unreal 5 engine, as well as introducing multiplayer mode.

“The dynamic development of Gaming Factory is driven by our employees and collaborators who build the value of the company every day. We employ experienced managers and have our own marketing, testing, and production departments. These are individuals who have worked in the largest Polish studios and they decide on the quality of our key titles, including the Japanese Drift Master. Our duty is to ensure their full involvement and provide them with comfortable working conditions. We believe that establishing a motivational program will enable us to retain our most important collaborators in the coming years,” says Mateusz Adamkiewicz, the CEO of Gaming Factory SA.

The motivational program for the years 2024-2025 involves having participants hold no more than 112,000 shares with a nominal value of 0.10 zł each and a total nominal value of 11,200.00 zł. Participants will be able to join the motivational program after meeting established financial and non-financial criteria. The issue price of shares issued in connection with the motivational program would be equal to their nominal value, and the shares issued this way would be subject to a lock-up period lasting no less than 12 months.

Gaming Factory is also considering the possibility of further increasing its share capital through the issue of new shares, this time directed towards external entities. The planned emission would include no more than 450,221 new shares with a nominal value of 0.10 zł. However, the potential issue price of the offered shares could not be less than 10.00 zł.

This is a response to the growing interest from institutional investors who see significant potential for the Japanese Drift Master production. The potential funds would allow for significant expansion of the title and independent publishing of the game without the support of foreign publishers, while maintaining financial resources for other Gaming Factory productions. The actions presented will have a significant impact on the company’s results in the coming years.

“We have a title in the advanced stage of production that is extremely popular among players. The popularity of Japanese Drift Master is also noticed by foreign publishers who approach us with publishing cooperation proposals. But at this moment, we don’t have offers from entities operating in racing or broader sporting games. So far, our marketing activities have generated considerable interest in the title worldwide, and I believe we have the necessary competencies to handle such a big premiere. Our intention is therefore to independently publish the game and have full control over its further development,” says Mateusz Adamkiewicz, the CEO of Gaming Factory SA.

“The company’s financial situation allows for the completion of Japanese Drift Master, as well as its promotion and sales on foreign markets. We would like to meet market expectations and as quickly as possible adapt our production to the Unreal Engine 5, and introduce a multiplayer mode, and also provide players with maximum content at the time of the release planned for next year. Such actions will be associated with a cost increase in the upcoming months, as they mean additional recruitment and team expansion. We know that we are facing an opportunity that can take the company to a new stage and be a catalyst for further dynamic development, so we want to secure the possibility of obtaining additional financial resources and dynamically react to the changing market situation,” adds the CEO of Gaming Factory SA.