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Ben Laidler, eToro’s Global Market Strategist

The Cotton ‘Fabric of Our Lives’ Rally

Struggling commodities are finally seeing some relief, thanks to firmer global growth, a stabilizing US dollar, and supply-side weather disruptions. Cotton has been a leader in this catch-up. This ‘fabric of our lives’ plays...

Warsaw Office Market Prepares for Rising Rents

As of the end of 2023, Warsaw remains the leader on Poland's office market, but 61,000 sqm (-74% y/y) completed in the last 12 months was one of the lowest results in its history....

Polish office market – summary of 2023 and outlook for 2024

Following - supply gap, stable quarterly take-up, remote working in the Labor Code, prop-tech, ESG, and demolition - Poland's largest advisory firm, AXI IMMO, presents six key trends on the Polish office market with...
Marcin Purgal Investment AY

Polish real estate market predictions for 2024

The Polish investment market is currently characterized by relative liquidity and low total volume of investment compared to previous years, which is due to the macroeconomic, geopolitical situation and market development. According to experts,...

Achieving Climate Neutrality Requires a Shift in Attitude from Banks and Governments

Reducing the Earth's temperature by an average of 1.5°C would decrease the likelihood of extreme droughts or water shortages. To achieve this, a rapid reduction in greenhouse gas emissions needs to happen and achieve...

KSeF in the TSL industry: Dead creation or revolution?

After many years of preparation, the National e-Invoice System (KseF) will finally become widespread, and the first group of companies will be obliged to use the KSeF in July 2024. The digitization of invoices...

Europe’s Dependency on Critical Raw Materials Raises Concerns

The energy transition will not be possible without critical raw materials. Cobalt, lithium, nickel and other metals are vital for changing the way we produce and use energy, indispensable for everything from electric vehicles...

Electromobility Throws Poland’s Automotive Sector into Turmoil

Most car manufacturers declare that they will be ready by 2035 for the obligation to introduce only zero-emission vehicles into circulation. However, the problem will lie with the manufacturers of parts and components, as...

Polish Businesses Hope for a More Business-Friendly Government

Unblocking funds from the KPO, restoring social dialogue and maintaining stability in regulatory changes, reverting to the previous method of calculating health contributions - this is just the start of the expectations of business...
Andrzej Dulka

Poland Needs to Bridge Competency Gap to Stay Competitive in Digital Economy

Cybersecurity competencies are currently the most sought-after technological skills, especially in the Central and Eastern Europe region, and the competency gap in this area has intensified further following Russia's aggression against Ukraine, as reported...
Warsaw Spire

Overtime: A Real Problem in the Polish Labor Market

The research clearly shows: overtime is a real problem in the labor market. It affects the vast majority of specialists and managers - regardless of gender, age, or profession. It has a negative impact...

Drastic decline in the mental health of Polish workers

Almost ⅔ of employees have noticed a deterioration in mental health in the last 3 years. One in five working Poles used psychological support last year, and 62% of them call for such opportunities...

ESG: A Challenge and Opportunity for Insurers

The consequences of climate change are increasingly threatening European consumers. Extreme weather events and environmental regulations can complicate the ongoing operations of companies, who don't always adequately protect themselves from risk. Insurance industry representatives...

Joanna Przetakiewicz-Rooyens: Eco-Fashion is currently an illusion. Customers are often misled

"In the moment when clothing giants are producing several million pieces of one item, there is no chance for eco-friendly fashion and halting the trend of fast fashion," believes Joanna Przetakiewicz-Rooyens. The manufacturing of...

Primary market in Poland: Strong demand and declining supply drive prices up

The sale of new homes in Poland's seven largest markets in September 2023 amounted to 5,4 thousand. At the same time, property developers introduced 4 thousand units onto the market. Despite this being a...

Poland needs more lithium-ion battery recycling facilities

As electromobility advances, the demand for battery recycling plants is increasing. This sector is just emerging, but in a few years the number of spent cells will dramatically increase. Although 99 percent of these...

Poland advances in the ranking of digitization of public services

In Poland, 84% of all government services are now available online, which exactly matches the European average. In an annual report assessing over 15,000 government websites, Poland gained 7 points compared to the previous...

Polish Insurance Industry Navigates Economic Storm Clouds

Inflation, geopolitical risks, and regulatory, demographic, and climatic changes keep the insurance industry in a near-constant state of transformation. The industry's future will largely be determined by its ability to adapt to changing social...

Polish companies: competitive and growing, but facing a labor shortage

Domestic companies are becoming increasingly competitive on the global market, thanks in part to their family-oriented nature, and the commitment and high competence of their employees. "We are simply good and hardworking, and in...

KSeF not only in Poland. How do e-invoices work in other countries?

On July 1, 2024, many changes will occur in Polish companies. That's when the use of the National e-Invoice System will become mandatory. However, electronic invoicing will be obligatory not only in our country....

Polish companies becoming increasingly aware of cyber threats associated with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used both for cyberattacks and for defending against them. According to a study by EY - "How Polish Companies...
Anna Głowacz, Head of Industrial Agency, AXI IMMO

Poland’s Industrial Market in 2023 – slower, but not weaker

After the very successful years of 2021 and 2022, known as the golden period of development of the industrial market in Poland, 2023 was...
Anna Głowacz, Head of Industrial Agency, AXI IMMO

Polish industrial market 2023 overview and outlook for 2024

Poland's industrial sector slowed in 2023, but the market hopes to rebound in 2024. After the peak of take-up and supply in the so-called...


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XTB siedziba

XTB shatters records in 2023 with a PLN 791.3 million profit...

312,000 new customers acquired in 2023, over 77,000 in Q4 alone A 51.0% increase in the number of active customers to 408,500 Q4...
Ben Laidler, eToro’s Global Market Strategist

The strange anatomy of global debt

DEBT: Global debt trends matter and the current levels are eye-poppingly high. However there are big differences across the segments of governments, companies, or...