Warsaw UNIT is scratching the sky – the building reached almost 200 meters high

Wiecha na Warsaw UNIT_1

Construction works on the concrete structure of Warsaw UNIT have ended and the building has been symbolically topped out. Ghelamco’s skyscraper is now nearly 200 metres high (precisely 196,4). 

Warsaw UNIT is the highest among the skyscrapers being built in Warsaw’s business district around Rondo Daszyńskiego. Once finished, it will also be one of the highest buildings in Poland. It will provide in total 57,000 sq. m of modern office space. The building’s structure is now 196,4 metres high, and it has been symbolically topped out. After installing steel structures with platforms for technical installations, its height will reach 202 meters.

“Warsaw UNIT is another project which is our contribution to the development of Warsaw’s business centre in Wola district. I am very pleased to see such quick progress at the construction site. This project will enrich Warsaw with yet another spectacular building reflecting its dynamic, metropolitan character,” says Jarosław Zagórski, Commercial and Business Development Director, Ghelamco Poland.

Although the construction is still pending, Warsaw UNIT is already impressive. The skyscraper’s slim, sculptured body has created a big-city corner between Prosta and Pańska streets. Its podium is covered by an extraordinary scale-like facade. It is the so called “dragon skin”, a type of kinetic facade made of thousand of plates which react to every puff of wind. This makes the building look different every day, depending on the strength and direction of the wind.

The skyscraper’s hall will also look astonishingly. With the use of a certain type of facade, it will seem that the traffic outside the building and the life within it permeate. The ground floor will host commercial spaces and food amenities, available for all from the street level. 

State-of-the-art technology to provide safety and comfort

Warsaw UNIT stands out not only with its innovative architectural solutions. Ghelamco’s latest project will also be filled with state-of-the-art technology which improves the comfort and safety of users.

Building users will be able to use, among others, a mobile application developed by Ghelamco’s internal innovation department. The application will enable access to the office, booking of rooms, and many other features. In the state of epidemic threat, the application will inform users whether the building operates in the so called pandemic mode.

Warsaw UNIT will employ state-of-the-art solutions to protect the tenants and their employees against the spread of the virus. In the pandemic mode, the air conditioning system will operate using only fresh air in order to avoid mixing the air extracted from office spaces with the one blown into them. In addition, UV lamps will be installed in the lifts and air conditioning systems to effectively disinfect the space.

Ghelamco’s latest project is the first skyscraper in Poland which is applying for the WELL certificate in its newest v2Core version. This multi-criteria certification system takes into account primarily those aspects that affect the health and well-being of building users