XTB Clients Earn Interest on Uninvested Funds, Boosting Passive Investing Offer


XTB clients will now earn interest on uninvested funds deposited in PLN, EUR, and USD. Interest is calculated daily and paid into accounts monthly. This interest rate is automatically activated for all current and new clients, regardless of the total amount of free funds. From November 6, clients can grow their funds even when not actively investing. Monthly, they will receive interest on uninvested funds deposited at XTB.

XTB continues to promote passive investing. Most European branches already offer Investment Plans for building cost-effective, individual investment portfolios based on ETFs. Introducing interest on free funds further strengthens XTB’s offer in the passive investing segment.

This innovative change meets clients’ needs in the face of rising inflation and central bank interest rate hikes, providing a safe way to increase capital. Omar Arnaout, CEO of XTB, emphasizes that this complements their extensive investment offer, allowing clients to utilize rising interest rates while maintaining full liquidity.

Interest is accrued daily and paid at the start of the next month, applicable to both current and new clients without any minimum or maximum limits. Current clients receive 2% per annum for PLN, 2% for EUR, and 2.5% for USD deposits, while new clients enjoy higher rates for the first 90 days: 4% for PLN, 3.8% for EUR, and 5% for USD.