Dreamliner PLL LOT will get new interiors

Polish Airlines LOT (PLL LOT) Embarks on a Comprehensive Modernization of Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Cabins

LOT Business Class 5

The retrofit will not only include a new interior design and seat replacement but also the introduction of modern onboard entertainment technology and internet connectivity.

A Polish Touch Inside the Dreamliner

The Polish carrier decided to merge innovation with national heritage. As a result, the Dreamliner cabin interiors will resemble Polish landscapes. As Izabela Leszczyńska, Director of Product Development and Customer Experience at PLL LOT says, “The new cabin space refers to the deep blues, representing the LOT brand, as well as copper accents, reminiscent of the warm days of the Polish summer.”

Unique Interiors by Tangerine

The cabin design was entrusted to the British company Tangerine, which has collaborated with market giants such as Apple and British Airways in its portfolio.LOT Business Class 2 LOT Business Class 1

Seat Comfort and Quality

The cabins will feature new seats from RECARO Aircraft Seating, including the CL6720 model in LOT Business Class, PL3530 in LOT Premium Economy Class, and CL3810 in LOT Economy Class. Interestingly, the seats from the latter class will be produced in Poland, specifically at a factory in Świebodzin.

Izabela Leszczyńska emphasizes that cooperation with RECARO reflects PLL LOT’s commitment to providing passengers with the highest level of travel comfort.LOT Premium Economy Class 3 LOT Premium Economy Class 1 LOT Economy Class 1

Top-notch Entertainment

Passengers will be able to use the latest generation entertainment system. The LOT Business Class will feature screens with a diagonal of 17.3 inches and 4K resolution, while the other classes will have 13.3 inches. Moreover, all seats will be equipped with USB-C ports and Bluetooth technology, allowing connection to personal headphone sets.LOT Business Class 3 LOT Business Class 4 LOT Premium Economy Class 2

Internet Among the Clouds

The introduction of internet connectivity aboard the Dreamliners responds to the growing demand from passengers for online access during flights. Viasat will be responsible for this innovation.

The first flights with the modernized Dreamliners will take place in 2026. As Izabela Leszczyńska announces, PLL LOT passengers can expect a completely new quality of travel, which will be complemented not only by comfort but also attention to detail and references to Polish heritage.