SatRev will launch a dedicated satellite for TelePIX in 2024

The Wrocław-based space sector company, SatRev, has signed a contract with South Korean company TelePIX. Under the contract, the company will develop a 10-kilogram 6U satellite carrying an onboard optical AI instrument from TelePIX. The satellite launch is scheduled for 2024.
TelePIX is a leading Korean provider of high-resolution electro-optical imaging solutions for the observation of the Earth’s surface, as well as software and services for the analysis of large sets of satellite images and the operation of ground stations. The contract is part of the TelePiX Blue Carbon AI satellite program. SatRev and TelePiX will jointly develop a dedicated satellite based on the ScopeSat platform developed by SatRev and the medium-resolution optical instrument (GSD 3.8@500km Panchromatic) and the world’s first onboard processor (OBP) intended for use by the AI ​​”blue carbon” monitoring algorithm developed by TelePIX. The project involves the development of the platform, integration and launch, and operation of the satellite.
The agreement also includes a licensing agreement for images taken by the satellite, thus resulting in smooth access to imaging of the South Korean partner for customers in the European Union.
– “In the project, we will use solutions that we have already developed, such as technologies created to serve the revolutionary deployable optical instrument DeploScope and many other modules already used in our satellites operating in orbit. It’s also an opportunity to develop new solutions, which also gives us a perspective for further cooperation with both TelePIX and other partners” – declares Grzegorz Zwoliński, founder and CEO of SatRev.
If the mission is successful, further cooperation is anticipated, involving the development of additional satellites of similar dimensions. In the longer term, joint development of a 16U platform to integrate an even larger optical instrument is possible.