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Janusz Gutowski, Managing Partner, AXI IMMO Services

Data center market: No energy, no data

The Warsaw region is currently the largest data centre market in Poland. The capital is home to more than 50 server facilities and a key exchange point for internet traffic in the country. In...

Employees claim they don’t have time for automation

Only 18% of IT leaders of large European companies claim that their company is fully embracing IT automation–according to a report commissioned by Red Hat. However, as many as 75% of those surveyed do...

Alimony Debts Skyrocket: Unpaid Benefits Approach PLN 15 Billion

Alimony arrears are hitting new records. According to data collected in the BIG InfoMonitor Debtors Register, the amount of unpaid benefits approached PLN 15 billion at the end of November. The group of non-paying...

DDoS Attacks by Pro-Russian Hacktivists Disrupt Websites in Europe, but Experts Say They’re No...

NoName057(16) is attacking websites in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, affecting portals and sites of the transportation, governmental, financial, and media industries, according to Check Point Research. Supposed targets are companies such as...

Polish Hotel Market on the Rise: Demand, KPIs, Modernization, and ESG

Based on the latest Trends Radar report "Real Estate on the wave of change" prepared by the international consulting agency Cushman & Wakefield, the hotel market in Poland is recording consistent increase in demand...

Crisis Concerns Among Polish Companies and Institutions Remain High as Online Challenges Top Threat...

For yet another year, a high level of crisis concerns among managers, directors of communication, and spokespersons of key Polish companies and institutions continues. The Crisisometer, an index prepared based on their opinions and...

Young Poles: More Conservative, Yet Most Trusting of Democratic Institutions

Young Poles, both women and men, tend to be more conservative than their counterparts from other European countries, but at the same time, they place the most hope in well-functioning democratic institutions, such as...

MCI.Euroventures invested 80.1 million PLN in Focus Telecom

The MCI Group has invested in a majority stake in Focus Telecom, the largest provider of cloud solutions for contact centers, customer experience, and business communication services in Poland. Thanks to this transaction, the...

Monetary Policy Council Holds Interest Rates Steady, Reflecting Uncertainty

The post-election dust has settled, and along with it, the situation in the monetary market has stabilized. After a pre-election two-step reduction in interest rates - first by 0.75% (in September) and then 0.25%...

Orange Foundation: Children have the right to privacy and protection of their image

The right to privacy and informed management of one’s image are some of the most valued rights among the youth – this year's report "Mature to Rights" prepared by the Orange Foundation with a...

Distributor malfunction or fuel shortage?

Visitors to numerous Orlen fuel stations in Poland are met with a peculiar sight these days: notes hung up announcing distributor malfunctions. This isn't an isolated incident. Many stations still don't have diesel available,...

Polish Commercial Real Estate Market – Summary of the Third Quarter of 2023

The international advisory agency, Cushman & Wakefield, has summarized the situation in the commercial real estate market. By the end of the year, the sector may see an increase of approximately 200,000 sqm, with...

Integrated Cybersecurity and ESG: Essential for Business Resilience

The digital transformation and cutting-edge technologies focusing on decarbonization, carbon dioxide reduction, and a circular economy can introduce new cyber threats and patterns of abuse. An integrated approach to cybersecurity and ESG (Environmental, Social,...

Fuel Prices Expected to Rise after Elections, Says Przemysław Litwiniuk

In a recent statement on TVN24, Przemysław Litwiniuk, a member of the Monetary Policy Council, announced that fuel prices in Poland are anticipated to surge by at least 10% in November and by another...

Will the elections in Poland be democratic?

Democratic elections, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, should be equal and universal. There are currently many doubts about these aspects. Most often, displacement - meaning the tilt of the...

Labor Market in the Face of Economic Challenges

The results of the fourth edition of the global EY – Work Reimagined Survey – indicate that both employees and employers are now solely focusing on aspects related to economic difficulties, ignoring pandemic-related issues....

War in the Middle East: Investors fear escalation

Recent years may have made us accustomed to a world that was slightly safer than it is now. In addition to the obvious human tragedies, these conflicts also act as strong stimuli for nervous...

Digital Excess – 20% of Young Poles Spend More than 6 Hours a Day...

The digital hygiene of Poles needs improvement. This especially applies to young adults aged 18 to 24 - with as much as 1/5 of them using the phone for more than 6 hours a...

Deepfake featuring the most popular YouTuber in the world promoted a scam

The world's most popular YouTuber, MrBeast, and two BBC presenters have been used to promote scams. Cybercriminals created fake videos with Artificial Intelligence (AI), in which celebrities were urging fraudulent purchases and investments. The...

Indonesia bans direct sales on social media

The Indonesian government has banned social media platforms from conducting direct sales. This is a blow to TikTok, as this was the second largest market for the Chinese giant. The Indonesian authorities aim to...

Polish companies becoming increasingly aware of cyber threats associated with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used both for cyberattacks and for defending against them. According to a study by EY - "How Polish Companies...
Anna Głowacz, Head of Industrial Agency, AXI IMMO

Poland’s Industrial Market in 2023 – slower, but not weaker

After the very successful years of 2021 and 2022, known as the golden period of development of the industrial market in Poland, 2023 was...
Anna Głowacz, Head of Industrial Agency, AXI IMMO

Polish industrial market 2023 overview and outlook for 2024

Poland's industrial sector slowed in 2023, but the market hopes to rebound in 2024. After the peak of take-up and supply in the so-called...


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XTB siedziba

XTB shatters records in 2023 with a PLN 791.3 million profit...

312,000 new customers acquired in 2023, over 77,000 in Q4 alone A 51.0% increase in the number of active customers to 408,500 Q4...
Ben Laidler, eToro’s Global Market Strategist

The strange anatomy of global debt

DEBT: Global debt trends matter and the current levels are eye-poppingly high. However there are big differences across the segments of governments, companies, or...