Translations from Polish and into Polish provides professional translations from Polish and into Polish in the following range of fields:

– specialized texts translations
– medical and pharmaceutical translations
– technical and constructional translations
– contract and commercial documents’ translations
– translations for industries as well as for individual clients
– website translations
– other specialized translations
– ordinary translations, general translations, etc.

Who is carrying out Polish translations?

Our translations are given to scrupulously selected translators, native speakers, who have years of experience in translations as well as a specialty in their trade.

Specialist texts in fields of economy, law, medicine, business, etc. are translated and verified by experts in the particular fields.

Technical texts are translated by specialists in the particular field, often certified by Superior Technical Organization (NOT). The translators have experience in translating technical charts, texts related to machine framework and mechanics, as well as legal regulations and economy, etc.

According to our Quality Policy we are doing our best to make translation services provided by ABC Lingua meet all demands from our clients, paying special attention to:

  • Absolute punctuality
  • High quality of translation
  • Confidentiality of all materials sent to us
  • Reasonable prices

We treat each errand individually and prepare an individual offer for every client, taking into account all variable as well as constant factors that may influence the order price, such as text difficulty, time for realization, language combination and many other.